You Decide

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Statement of Faith

When the storms of life
Toss you about,
You can blame it on Jesus
Or stay faithful throughout.
You decide...  

When life gives you lemons
You can make lemonade, 
Or shake your fist at God
And just walk away.
You decide...  

When problems plague you
And you just can't win,
You can wallow in self-pity
Or take your troubles to Him.
You decide...  

And when this life is over
You can walk streets of gold,
Or be cast into the darkness
Of that bottomless hole.
You decide...  

The choice is all yours,
Whom will you serve?
Where will you spend eternity
When you leave this earth?

1999 J M McIntosh  

Choose this day whom you will 
serve...  (Joshua 24:15)



Last updated on 12/25/12.