The Story Of Stories

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Statement of Faith

May I tell you a story?
Would you listen to me?
It's a wonderful story,
And it's not make-believe.

It's the Story of Stories;
It was written for you.
It speaks of salvation;
Let me tell it to you.

See, there once was a baby,
Born a long time ago,
Who was laid in a manger
Amidst a Heavenly glow.

He was sent by His Father
(Who is our Father too)
To redeem us from sin
And the wages we're due.

He was nailed to a cross
Where He suffered in shame
To show us His love
And the power of His name.

Though the story seems sad,
There's a blessing for you;
It's the way of salvation,
And the story is true.

It's the Story of Stories,
Shall I tell it again?
For the ending is happy
If you'll believe it, my friend.

 1992 J M McIntosh

And some were persuaded by the things 
which were spoken, and some disbelieved.
(Acts 28:24)



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