The Love Of God

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Statement of Faith

There are lessons I have learned
Along lifeís weary way;
And there are many other things
Heís teaching me each day.

But something that still puzzles me,
Which Iíll never understand,
Is why the One who set the stars in place
Chose to come to earth as man.  

And still a greater mystery 
That I will never solve,
Is why He chose to die for us,
In agony, on a cross.  

And why on earth did He choose me
To be included in His plan?
Iím so thankful for the love of God,
But I will never understand.  

©1997 J M McIntosh

And without controversy, great is the mystery 
of godliness; God was manifested in the flesh, 
justified in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached 
among Gentiles, believed on in the world, 
received up in glory. (I Timothy 3:16)



Last updated on 12/25/12.