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Statement of Faith

Keep Believing One Day To Live The Nativity Faith, Hope, Love
His Many Promises Right Where You Want Me In The Blink Of An Eye Hold On To Jesus
How Will They Hear? Son Shine Look To The Cross Hold On
Life Speak The Name Of Jesus Look Up If I Were God
I'll Not Bend Your Father's Business The Tears I Can't Cry I'll Always Have The Lord
I'm Going To Heaven Things The Way She Lived Leading The Way
In Him Take Your Eyes Off You These Strong Arms Nothing Is Impossible
In His Arms Thank You When Forever Comes Perfect In Him
In The Presence Of Jesus The Choice A Penny Or A Dime Sitting In A Pew
Just Any Day The Hand Of The Lord A Strong Habitation Storms

Let's Not Tell Them

The Harvest Abide In Me The Love  Of God
Live A Life Of Love The Land  Of Grace All I Have Trust Me Anyway
My Father Loves Me The Light In The Darkness Are You His Servant? We Are One
No Secret The Mind  Of Christ Carry On! You Decide


Last updated on 12/25/12.