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Statement of Faith

The Message Of Christmas Far From Home One Wish Keep Running
Whatsoever He Says I'll Carry Thee We Have Seen Him Spirit Fire
The Woman On The Corner True Believer Speak To My Heart This Busy Day
In Christ Someone Is Following The Last Resort Just A Lamb
Comes A Time No Tomorrow  Throw Me In The Fire Don't Quit Today
Wounded People Someone Is Looking  His Unsearchable Ways Watching For Jesus
Dying To Be With Him Not I, But Christ Another Day The Bible Says
Now She Sings By His Own Hand Garden Of Love The Gift
A Yielded Heart Still Here With Thee I Will Not Be Moved Pray Without Ceasing
Giants In The Land In The Eye Of The Storm The Master's Garden All She Did
Pioneer Hearts Every Moment The Perfect Gift Time With Him
Shadows In The Land Out Of The Darkness Give All The Love You Can God Alone
The Harbor Of Jesus Somebody Prayed As For Me And My House Trophies Of His Grace
Come Away, My Beloved A Song For Jesus A Cushion Or A Cross Faithful Again


Last updated on 12/25/12.