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Statement of Faith

Make Me A Temple Just One Sin Following Jesus Nothing To It
All My Friends Are Dying Who Cares? His Peace Through Eyes Like His
One Faithful Little Boy That Debt Is Paid I'll Just Take Jesus The Narrow Gate
The Story Of Stories She Stood In The Gap I Ask Not The Coin
Glory Land I Still Believe Prayer For The New Year Living For The Lord
Children Of A Faithful God A Prayer Away Anchored In Jesus I Got To Serve The Master!
God's Grace Welcome Home Meet Me In Heaven At His Feet
One Drop Of Blood Praise And Sing When Your People Meet Out Of The Ashes
Following The Shepherd The Man In Church The Middle of Forever The Golden Years
What Satan Fears Most This House His Wonderful Grace What Really Matters
You Thought Of Everything Child Of The King Fools For God What Must He Think
My Father Sees Get Yourself An Anchor Come Unto Jesus This One Day
Soften Our Hearts Make Jesus Real Little Things He Gave His Word
Beloved My Shepherd What He Wouldn't Do Another Lamb


Last updated on 12/25/12.