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Statement of Faith

Life's Music Peace Within Love Letter Here Comes Jesus
The Path He Chooses Scars For Christ Hell Will Be Lonely Thank You, Jesus
Sailing With Jesus Down On My Knees A Happy Hope What My Words Could Never Say
God's Tool Box Jesus Hugs Living In A Dream He Knows
Tell The Children Fill Us, Lord Teach Me, Lord My Love For You
Come, Holy Spirit Shine Like The Son The Best Is Yet To Come Give Me A Minute
From Where They Sit Someone Else's Dream You Were Thinking Of Me God Has A Plan
Consider The Lilies Blessings From Stones Silent Saints Regular Joe
Servant's Song Famine For The Word Be There! His Song For You
Early Will I Seek You Down Emmaus Road About The Cross The Last Breath
Faithful To The End I Will Never Leave You There Is No Limit Throne Of Grace
I'd Rather Be Home Mary and Martha Prayer Warrior Song Of Praise
Fishers Of Men Sonflowers Yes, Lord Praise God He's Mine
Stand Standing Her Ground This Side Of Heaven What Was It Like


Last updated on 12/25/12.