Living In A  Dream

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Statement of Faith

Have you ever wondered,
As you lay in bed at night,
What your life is all about?
Has it ever crossed your mind?

Have you taken time to ponder
Why it is you came to be?
And, after this life's over,
Where you'll spend eternity?

Are you living in a dream,
Pretending all is well?
Do you know where you're headed,
Is it heaven or is it hell?

Do you know that Jesus loves you,
And died for all your sin?
And that if you'll only trust Him
You can be born again?

If you've never wondered,
Never pondered all these things,
Then you're not living for tomorrow,
You're just living in a dream.

1997 J M McIntosh

Whereas you do not know what will 
happen tomorrow. For what is your life? 
It is even a vapor that appears for a 
little time and then vanishes away. 
(James 4:14)



Last updated on 12/25/12.