Little Things

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Statement of Faith

I prayed that I'd be used of God,
Grand things I'd do for Him.
Mountains I would move by faith,
And rescue those in sin.

The image that I bore in mind
Was quite a noble scene;
So willing I would be to serve,
I'd give up everything.

And while I waited for His call
To go and work His plan,
I filled the time with "little" things,
Small in the eyes of man.

Taught a class in Sunday School,
Helped out those in need,
And prayed for missionaries;
Such little things to me.

Then one day it dawned on me
(His Spirit made it clear)
The Lord had used me all along,
He was using me right here.

We may be sent to distant shores,
But on the other hand,
To serve Him here in some small way
May be what He has planned.

For in His eyes no task is small
If it is done for Him.
He has a plan for each of us;
He'll show us where and when.

1992 J M McIntosh

Therefore humble yourselves under the 
mighty hand of God, that He may exalt 
you in due time. (I Peter 5:6)



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