I'll Not Bend

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Statement of Faith

They persecute me daily, Lord,
But Iím not giving in;
You said if Iíd stand firm for You,
You would shelter me from them.

They stumble in the darkness, Lord,
But Iíll not leave Your light;
I know You want to shine through me,
And you keep me in Your sight.

They think theyíve won the battle,
But Iíll not be deceived;
You said each time I stand for You,
More grace You give to me.

They laugh and jeer and taunt me, Lord,
But Iíll not fold, nor bend;
Teach me how to persevere
And show Your love to them.

©1991 J M McIntosh

Therefore, I endure all things for the sake 
of the elect, that they also may obtain the 
salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal 
glory. (II Timothy 2:10)



Last updated on 12/25/12.