I'd RatherBe Home

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Statement of Faith

I'd rather be home in Heaven
Than here on this earth below;
Not stumbling along dark pathways,
But walking on streets of gold.

O, to be singing His praises
In a heavenly home up above;
Rejoicing with saints and angels
In a city filled with His love.

I long to be dwelling in glory,
Redeemed, with face all aglow;
Abiding and resting with Jesus,
Content as a lamb in the fold.

Yes, I'd rather be home in Heaven
Than any place else that I know;
O, to be walking with Jesus
Down shimmering streets of gold.

1992 J M McIntosh

Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers
and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the
saints and members of the household of God.
(Ephesians 2:19)



Last updated on 12/25/12.