Hell Will Be Lonely

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Statement of Faith

Hell will be lonely;
Have you thought about that?
You may want to ponder
This sobering fact.

Though many have said
All their friends will be there,
No friendships exist
In that darkness down there.

It's true you'll find others
Who share your same fate;
But they'll give you no comfort
And you'll find no soul-mate.

The gnashing of teeth
Is all you will hear;
With no words of solace
From those who are near.

For they'll all be absorbed
In their anguish alone;
Just as you will be too,
In your underworld home.

Yes, hell will be lonely
For all who go there;
You'll find no compassion
And no one who cares.

So please don't fall victim
To this terrible fate --
Accept Christ as your Savior
Before it's too late.

1996 J M McIntosh

And fear not them which kill 
the body, but are not able to 
kill the soul: but rather fear him 
which is able to destroy both soul 
and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28)



Last updated on 12/25/12.