Glory Land

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Statement of Faith

I'm getting ready to go,
I'm bound for another shore;
I'm going to a place called Glory Land
Where I've never been before.

I'll leave my possessions behind
Because I won't need them there;
All my hopes will be fulfilled
In that city in the air.

My Father will come to meet me
As I step out on the shore;
I'll be singing Hallelujah!
When I finally meet my Lord.

He'll show me to a mansion
That He prepared for me;
On a street that's paved with gold,
Beside a crystal sea.

And I will spend my days
From then and evermore
Singing "Worthy is the Lamb!"
And "Holy is the Lord!"

Yes, I'm getting ready to go,
On that day my Father plans;
And when I leave this world
I'm headed for Glory Land!

1997 J M McIntosh

Leave your country and your people, 
God said, and go to the land I will 
show you. (Acts 7:3)



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