Giants In The Land

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Statement of Faith

I stood on Jordan's shore,
As my eyes the horizon scanned;
I longed to cross the river,
But feared the giants in the land.

Though God said milk and honey
Were waiting there for me,
The shadows of those giants
Were all my eyes could see.

But then He whispered gently,
"Rise up and take a stand,
For in Me you have more power
Than all the giants in the land.

For I will give you every place
Where you will set your feet;
In faith just cross on over
And put your trust in Me."

I stepped into the water,
At my feet it rolled away;
A path opened up before me,
A straight and narrow way.

And just as He had promised,
According to His plan,
When I fixed my eyes on Him
I saw no giants in the land.

1996 J M McIntosh

I will give you every place where you 
set your foot, as I promised Moses.
(Joshua 1:3)



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