Down Emmaus Road

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Statement of Faith

Have you ever walked with Jesus
Down Emmaus road?
Have you traveled with the Savior,
Or only walked alone?

Have you taken time to listen
When He calls ahead to you,
To ask you where you've been,
And where you're going to?

He longs to journey with you,
And all His wisdom share;
To open up the Scriptures
And explain what's written there.

Life would be much sweeter
If you would do as those of old,
And take a walk with Jesus
Down Emmaus road.

1996 J M McIntosh

And they said to one another, "Did not 
our heart burn within us while He
talked with us on the road, and while He 
opened the Scriptures to us?"
(Luke 24:32)



Last updated on 12/25/12.